Solving the mystery of Toby the Kangaroo

The morning after Lilian’s visit Tulip wrote a brief note to Lilian. She then folded it into the shape of a butterfly and told it where to go.


Dear Lilian,

Thank you for the cookies. They were scrumptious. Yes, it was Breeze who said that. I would love your help in solving the mystery of Toby the Kangaroo. Where did you find him and more importantly why did he vanish?

Should I be worried?

Showers of happy hugs to you,



Lilian smiled. She knew the mystery would need an answer. Tulip was an inquisitive fairy. This is her letter answering Tulips question. (It was shaped like a ladybird)



Dear Tulip,

Regarding the cookies why wouldn’t I bring you and the Ogre some of his favourite foods. But I wonder what food does he hate?

The mystery is really no mystery. Breeze told me of the problem with the naughty witch, Lovisma. I made a suggestion and he loved the idea.

Do you remember how Mr. Snuffy, the gnome, used to entertain us by making shapes from balloons, mud and carving images from vegetables?

Well I took a balloon and made a Toby. He was made to last approximately five hours and he did.

This meant we could talk in peace and Lovisma got to race a kangaroo until she fell asleep with tiredness. When she woke, Toby was gone.

So you see, no animal, being or witch was harmed and we had a very pleasant afternoon. Give my love to Breeze. Can you tell him I’m working on the other project he mentioned?





5 thoughts on “Solving the mystery of Toby the Kangaroo

  1. Aw how cute, now my niece wants a kangaroo as a pet lol, with a bow (will draw this story for her with the kangaroo with a bow). Beautiful will e-mail her the story, her mother did not know about the story, so know all my family wants to see all the pictures it is so funny. Thank you so much for including Lillian. She came the weekend and she made me work on the fairies (Maria the writer, Doris the artist and Lillian the ballerina) since I am doing the party right now. They probably will be the first to show up at the party 😉 with Breeze and Hamish.


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