A map creates chaos. Part two.

Breeze left the group to work on their new problem. How to make sure a house would not be moved. He knew this would be tricky once there was a magic spell involved. He believed it wouldn’t matter if you tied it to a mountain because magic is magic and always works.

Minutes later he was sitting on Tulips decking eating a warm cherry scone. “This is nice” he said staring at the scone.

Tulip smiled then said, “But?”

“But I don’t care if the fairy cakes are a day old I will still eat them.” He looked sadly at the cherry bun. “Besides I hate cherries almost as much as I dislike bold tiny witches.”

He told Tulip about the map and explained why there was sounds of hammering and banging coming from the wood. They sat for a while and thought about the problem.

“I think the only way for Lovisma to listen is for us to turn her trick around.” Tulip said.


Tulip considered her answer carefully.  “You say everyone is tying their houses down well I have an idea that might fix this problem. ”

Breeze took some cherries out of the scone handed them to Tulip before popping the scone into his mouth. “Will she like it?”

Tulip laughed “She will hate it. We will work on our plan and before we go to sleep tonight your worries will be over.”

The sun woke Breeze up by dancing about in the sky. When Breeze peeped out of his cave door he saw why the sun was dancing.  Lovisma was on her broomstick. She appeared to be carving monsters out of the clouds. He sat and watched her for a moment. She was good. When each monster was carved it woke up and chased the last monster she created. The sky was full of hopping cloud monsters. The sun was trying to peep through the sky of moving monsters.

He shouted to her. “Morning Lovisma.”

She flew close to his door. “Morning Mr. Breeze. Grace said you loved my map.” She was hovering in the air level with his eyes. “Did you really?”

“I did but I have some questions for you perhaps we should go and look at it.”

When they got to the map they saw there was a group camping around it. They were asleep until Lovisma giggled and pointed at the tail of her broom stick. The tail twitched making a sound like a huge bell. The loud boooooommm shook the leaves from the trees.

Breeze shook his head. “That wasn’t a nice way to wake everyone.”

“It was fun. What is wrong with my map.”

“The houses are in the wrong place.”

Lovisma smiled. “I don’t thinkthey are,” she turned to the small group and asked them, “what is wrong with my map?”

Everyone roared, “the houses are in the wrong places.”

The most amazing thing happened every house in the wood rose high above the trees, there was a rainbow coloured ribbon linking each house together.

Lovisma looked at the ribbon.  She scowled. “hat is odd I don’t remember that, what is it attached to?”

Her eyes opened wide when she saw what was at the end of the ribbon. “It’s….My house, put my house back where it belongs.”

Tulip and Izzy appeared beside her. “We can’t put your house back until you put everyone else’s house back where it belongs.”

Lovisma got mad. Her broom stick flew away. Her hat jumped off her head. She spun about and shouted but the fairies ignored her. In the end she had to put the houses back. She stomped off to find her broom stick before any thing else went wrong on her.


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