A snippet of a story about my friend Lottie and Bob.

Just like Bob.


If you live in a world that is upside down and inside out you shouldn’t be surprised when everything twists right way around.

However, Lovisma Tabitha Toothwich (or Lottie for short) was very surprised, because Lottie believed she was always right.

It  began with a loud clanging at the front door. This was no ordinary clanging. This noise made the house shake and shiver. Lottie’s letterbox was never this noisy.

“Sounds like someone trying to get out? Or is that in?” Lottie climbed down from her seat on the windowsill where she had been eating a bowl of crinkle poppets for breakfast, before going to bed.

“I wonder who that isn’t,” she said and hid. She liked being alone.

The howling wind pushed the door open. The curtain fluttered.  Lottie crept to the door. She  looked out. “There is no one about.”

A rumbling sound from the roses got her attention. The roses shook and quivered. Lottie got down on her knees. She crawled forward,  until her tiny snub nose bumped off a cold black nose. “Ouch” she said giggling when her face was washed by a long warm tongue.

She blinked. Peeping out at her was a large hairy dog. “What are you?” She asked  him.

He licked her face again.

Lottie noticed two things. The crinkle poppet he collected off her chin – he swallowed. And, he was wearing pink sunglasses.


bob in sunglasses

“Are you hungry?” Lottie asked then she cartwheeled inside. His paws went pitter patter as he followed.

“How unusual. Why do you walk?” She muttered.

The dog smiled. She frowned.

He thumped his tail off the ground. There was a letter attached to his tail by a red ribbon.

She told him to sit. He did. Lottie untied the ribbon. She read the letter while standing on her hands.

Dear Ms. Grumpy,

Bob is here to turn your topsy turvey world right way round.

But you must do everything just like Bob. Please take care of him.

Your new best friend,

Miles of Smiles, or Smiley (for short).

(I will collect Bob when the time is right.)


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