Lovisma gets a letter.

Letter’s were unusual for a witch to receive.  Lovisma knew this letter meant someone was in trouble. She hoped it wasn’t trouble for Lovisma.

She sat on the softest cushion she could find and prepared to hear bad news.

She pointed her wand at the letter and said “Unzip.”

The letter zipped open and a dandelion popped out.  Odd, she thought it isn’t my birthday.”

Then she read the letter. It was from Connie, her cousin who had sent a video diary to Lovisma.  The letter continued on: To hear and see my diary say shredded sheep really fast four times.

Lovisma did as requested and to her surprise four tiny sheep ran about her kitchen in a circle four times. Then they vanished and a fuzzy picture began to grow before Lovisma. She clutched her wand to her and waited to see what would happen.

Pots and pans were zipping through the air.  The kitchen was a large airport without an airport controller.  Esmerelda,  Connie’s cat,  was whisked upwards in the playful current of air. She landed in a  huge saucepan.  Crouching low with her tail tightly curled about her,  Esmerelda’s huge paws covered her eyes.

Connie sat eating toast. It was oozing with warm runny butter and strawberry jam. A blob of jam landed on Connie’s nose.

Connie  stamped her foot and every flying object including Esmerelda lost its invisible wings, landing with a huge wallop in an untidy heap on the kitchen floor.

She knew everything was turning upside down and roundabout on her.  She was fed up.  It was ages since she had any fun with her other witch friends.

“Perhaps they’ve grown out of having fun!” Connie said.“What a terrible thought!  I mean, what sort of witch is a witch who doesn’t have any fun or silliness in her life. It’s what we’re supposed to do, create mayhem for humans.  They say people can die from boredom.”

Esmerelda , Lovisma saw, was stumbling out of the upturned pot.

Connie had a terrible thought.   “Witches couldn’t die from boredom, could they?”

She gave a giant hiccup and flew straight out of the window into the huge beech tree.

It was her favorite place to sit and think.

In fact some of her most earth shattering decisions had been made while sitting quietly in this tree. High above with only the odd wayward bee for company she was free from all the usual noises of life.

Her great decisions may seem simple to you or me but to a neat methodical witch they were very important indeed.

Connie curled up and fell asleep.

When she woke she was not only hungry but full of energy.

“I think a little walk before dinner would do this talented witch a world of good,” she decided as she licked her lips.  “ I might find some fun along the way. Besides a couple of meringues from the bakers shop could be just the medicine that I need.”

Then the picture faded.  “Spoil sport,” Lovisma said and hoped another diary would appear tomorrow.



Butterfly Hunt

Breeze sat up and looked about him.  He couldn’t see anything but he could hear a lot of soft whispering in the air.  Suddenly he heard a loud shout, “I see him. Over here.”

He smiled because it was Daisy-lyah’s voice. He thought they were looking for him. Breeze slid down the tree and got a nasty shock when Lilly ran past shouting, “Get out of the way Mr. Breeze. We want to catch him.”

“Catch who?” Breeze asked but the two girls had run deep into the wood. He followed.

It didn’t take him long to discover that they were chasing butterflies. Spot , a large colourful butterfly landed on Breeze’s nose.

“Help please. We don’t want to be caught and put in a cage.” Spot whispered.

Breeze frowned. “Why would they do that?”

“Homework, I heard them say. They are supposed to bring an animal to school for show and tell. I don’t want to be it.” The butterfly sat on Breeze’s shoulder. Spike popped out of Breeze’s pocket and looked at Spot then slipped back into the shirt pocket for another nap.

As Breeze walked about the forest an amazing thing happened, butterflies flew towards him and landed on him. Before long he was covered in colorful, beautiful, butterflies. He decided to walk to the witches house as he knew Elegant witch loved butterflies and she would help to hide them.


With the butterflies safely fluttering around Elegant who was sitting in the garden, Breeze went in search of Daisy-lyah and Lilly. He found them sitting on a fallen tree. They both looked grumpy.

“Hi, what is wrong?” He asked.

“We have nothing for show and tell. We were trying to catch butterflies but the stupid things kept flying away from us. We wouldn’t hurt them just put them in a cage for show and tell.”

“Ahh.” Breeze sat beside Lilly.

“What?” She asked.

“Butterflies are like fairies they don’t like to be trapped. Their wings would stop working. If you trapped them you would have damaged them.”

“We didn’t know. But what do we do now. We had a whole project written about butterflies.” Lilly kicked at a passing rabbit who dodged her foot.

“Lilly, be nice.” Breeze said.

She scowled.

“It is a big problem.”Daisy-lyah said.

Breeze suggested they  make butterflies. Lilly frowned, “The only butterflies I have made are butterfly cakes.”

Daisy-lyah laughed. “We will draw butterflies.”

They asked Breeze to help. He did. They drew many butterflies, then colored them in, cut them out and then fixed them with spiders cobweb string to thin sticks. When they held them, the paper butterflies swished and jiggled.

Lilly laughed. “They look nicer then the real butterflies.”

Breeze agreed and said, “Don’t tell Spot, Dot and Flitty that or they will be sad.”

The next day at school the two girls discovered their butterflies were the best animals at the show and tell. Matt had borrowed Smelly, the skunk, and he made the classroom smell so badly he was sent home.  Marigold, the elf, borrowed a hedgehog and when some of the children petted her, they cut their hands, so they were sent to the nurse.

The teacher told Lilly and Daisy-lyah they would have no homework for three nights because they had made such a safe choice. And best of all the butterflies were happy because the girls forgot all about them.

Odd Socks

Breeze asked everyone in Mudpile Wood to help solve a mystery.  Socks had gone missing, leaving most with only one sock of every color. Everyone agreed it was time to find the odd socks.

They searched everywhere, from the tip of the mountain to the bottom of the wood. Matt and Daisy-lyah searched in every rabbit hole. Tulip searched high into the sky in case the socks were carried up into the clouds by the wind. And they did not find one single sock.

Breeze remembered Bob, the dog had a friend called Ellie who loved finding things.  He wrote her a short note:

Dear Ellie,

Please help us find the odd socks from Mrs. Groundsels basket, if we don’t find them I am afraid we won’t get any delicious vegetable pies any more. I will ask Tulip to bake you some munchy dog biscuits.

I will leave the red basket on the smooth stones near your friend the dragon – at the pond.

Your best ogre friend


“What do we do now?” Hamish asked Breeze when they left the large washing basket at the smooth stones.

“We take a nap and let Ellie do her stuff.” Breeze said as he climbed the nearest tree. He tried to sleep but kept wondering about the missing socks. His dreams were filled with strange images: sheep eating socks, crows wearing socks after they pecked holes in the feet of the socks and the worst of all giant socks chasing Breeze.

Loud barking alerted them next morning and they went to find out what was wrong. Hamish stood looking at the red basket, “Well. I never.” He said over and over again.

“Superb. Great, Amazing. Happy days are here again, vegetable pie this evening for tea.” Breeze said.

“Woof.” said Ellie as she waited for them to bring her to Tulips house to collect her munchy, crunchy dog biscuits flavored with honey.

full red basket of socks

Do you doubt that she did it? Take a look at these pictures and tell me what you think?

ellie large with socks in mouth


ellie bucket 4 And where did she find them?

dragon odd socks 3

tree socks