Upside down but not inside out.

image001Breeze woke  then asked many questions.

Why are the bees flying around my feet? Why are the trees hiding in the ground waving their roots at the clouds?  The answer was because he was hanging upside down with his jacket flapping about below his head in the light wind. A passing bird flew into his jacket pocket and settled there.

He pinched his arm. “Nope I am not dreaming , that hurt.”

Breeze knew of only one person who could do this to him…. he scowled, “Lovisma.”

He removed the bird from his pocket, loosened his feet in the branch and landed head first on the soft grass beneath him. Back the right way up Breeze discovered he was walking in circles. His head felt strange so he sat on the ground and waited for everything to stop spinning.  He discovered the only upside down thing in the whole forest was him and the tree he had fallen asleep in.

Feeling better he set off to find Lovisma.  He glanced at the sky and saw the sun sitting high above him. Having decided it was lunch time he guessed she would be  trying to persuade Elegant her sister to make her a snazzy, tasty lunch.

When Breeze arrived at their house he heard Elegant say, “What have you done now Lovisma? Breeze looks angry.”

Lovisma giggled, “he always looks mad.  I didn’t do anything.”

Picture1to colour

Breeze peered in at the window and demanded to know if she had flipped him.

“I didn’t but I wish I thought of it you must have looked funny.” She smiled at him and licked strawberry jam off her fingertips.

Elegant asked him, “Would you care for a strawberry jam tart?”

Breeze ate six then told them he would not move unti l he discovered the truth. Elegant decided to bake more tarts. He sat down to wait. Something soft went ‘plonk’ on his head. It was a scrunched up bit of paper. He opened it and saw an arrow pointing to his left towards the river. He got up and wandered close to the bank. At the edge he saw another arrow pointing down at the water. He peered into the water. “Strange,” He muttered and walked back to his favorite tree. Much later he woke to discover the world had flipped upside down again.

Elegant arrived before him. “What time of the year is it?” She asked.

“Spring.” He said. Then he smiled. “I always sleep well in Spring time.”

“Exactly.” She left him to unravel the mystery.

Breeze started to think.  They all grumbled as the large ogre trampled through their gardens and bumped into everything.

What are you doing? Hamish, his best friend asked.

“Solving a puzzle.”

“Can I help?” Hamish asked. They sat outside his house drinking tea and eating Chamomile sandwiches.

Breeze woke when Hamish roared at  him. “Look what you did to my garden.”

Breeze frowned. The scarecrow was shivering as he was not wearing his clothes. The flowers were shaped like the letter n with their heads near the ground.

“I didn’t do this.” Breeze said.

“You did. Your  loud snoring blew the clothes off my scarecrow, and scared the flowers.”

Breeze smiled “Thank you Hamish you solved the puzzle.” He headed home singing “I was upside down but not inside out” while poor Hamish had to find some new clothes for his scarecrow and persuade the flowers to raise their heads.


An Artistic Fairy.

Lucy the smallest, bubbliest fairy, darted around a rose bush and bumped straight into Yolanda.
“Morning Lucy”
Yolanda loved Fairies.
“Could I have a different job…. please” Lucy fluttered her wings and smiled sweetly. “I am tired of waking trees up. Its boring! This year I won’t be seen turning the trees green,”Lucy nodded her head up and down sending Lucy fairy dust flying in all directions. Some landed on hedgehogs, they began to walk backwards and their spikes seemed to become curly. Centipedes were mixing their legs up and falling over. Dust flew high in the air making birds spin in circles and they were singing the wrong notes.
“You could scatter wildflower seeds, Lucy” Yolanda said. “They become colourful flowers.”
Lucy shook her head.
“Um  I think that I’ll need to sit for a bit, and find a job to fit.”
Lucy did n’t hang about. “Time to play” she thought and flew away.
A little while later she was sitting on a toadstool flicking morning dew with her bare feet. “Hoi stop that!” a cross looking rabbit stuck his head up from the long grass. “I don’t like getting wet.”
“What do you like then?” the cheeky fairy asked.
“I don’t like rude fairies!” He said.
Lucy stuck her tongue out.  “I don’t like funny bunnies,” she flew away.

Lucy was in a large garden making faces at her reflection in the bird bath.
“Excuse me pleeth,” said a blackbird, “but that ith my bath.
The blackbird looked at her from the tip of her dark curly hair to her bare feet, “Are you a fairy or what?”
“Course I’m a fairy.” Lucy said. “Why?”
“Fairies are usually dainty, pale yellow haired things and very polite.”
The bird jumped into the bowl. He began to take a bath. She left him splashing about in the water and singing loudly.
A field mouse scurried by, Lucy chased it. For a while they dodged in and out of the hedgerow. He turned to face her. “Are you following me?” he demanded in a very squeaky voice. “Spring is late which means the fairy is lazy.” Lucy’s face was getting red. She decided to hide. She looked all around her and spotted a Postbox.She flew in through its tiny opening and sat on the letters. She settled deeper into the letters and fell asleep.
She woke when she heard her name being called. Lucy darted outside and bumped into Yolanda who said “Now I have thought of this long and hard and there is only one thing for you to do.”
Lucy groaned , “I knew it, I am back to being a tree leaf putter on-er again.”
Yolanda said “Can I please finish what I was saying.”
Lucy closed her eyes.
“I have decided to give you a job as a Web cleaner!” Yolanda looked at Lucy, “You don’t seem very happy.”
Everyone knew being a web cleaner was a terrible dirty job.
Yolanda smiled then said, “I was joking. The tooth fairy needs a helper for a few days. So if you are willing..”
“When do I start, where do I go!” Lucy said. “Oh goody, can I start now?”
“Most certainly not! Rose has been working all through the night she is asleep ;you are to  meet her at dusk tonight at the old oak tree.”
Lucy wandered around telling anyone who would listen of her new important job. A large cat called Squeaky was not too pleased to be woken. “SSShhh please, I’m trying to sleep. Buzz off, you ‘re not taking any of my teeth .”
The worm family looked happy when she told them but asked, “Whats a tooth?”

At dusk Lucy met Rose. “We have to hurry,.”.Rose pulled a long list of names from her pocket. “This is a lot of travelling for one fairy and her helper.”
They stopped at last in front of a pretty cottage. Rose consulted her list.“This is the house, we go down the corridor and take the third door on the right.” That said she flew through the keyhole and Lucy followed.
“First we collect the money.” Rose said and flew into the sitting room, straight to a big sofa. Rose seemed to disappear between the cushions.
“Lucy” she puffed,” Help.” Together they pulled out the large shiny coin. “You carry that .Lucy looked at the coin and then looked at Rose. The coin was as big as Lucy. ““How?” she whispered.
Rose threw a handful of fairy dust on the coin and it became small enough for Lucy to pick up. At the side of a narrow bed Rose handed Lucy the tooth and taking the coin placed it beneath the pillow . The tiny figure in the bed stirred in his sleep as they left.

Lucy discovered the childrens rooms were a rainbow of treasures to feel and look at, hundreds of dolls, teddy bears, tiny cars, boots with rollers on the bottom and loads and loads of colourfuls sticks.
Lucy prodded a teddy bear in his middle as she walked by. “GGGGrrrrrrrr,” he growled. “Oh dear I’m so sorry” Lucy whispered. One by one she discovered what the toys did or didn’t do. She drew squiqqly lines with the colourful sticks, when Rose wasn’t looking. But there was one odd thing which puzzled her. It was a large box with a shiny dark screen. Underneath lay a funny looking board with letters on it. When Lucy stood on the letters they sank with a definite click. She was puzzled and fascinated by it. “Its broken” she muttered as she jumped from key to key, waiting to hear music.
Rose laughed and said, “It’s not a piano. I don’t know what it is but now we have to leave.”
“Oh dear we are missing a tooth.”
Lucy searched everywhere. “No its not here.”
Rose said, “But it must be somewhere.”
“Well maybe it didn’t fall out on time so then it wouldn’t be here!” Lucy suggested.
Rose looked grumpy “This has never happened before.We’ll have to hope we have a quiet night tomorrow night and come back here to check.”
However the next night was very busy. Rose sent Lucy back to collect the missing tooth.
Lucy entered the room quietly and stood at the foot of the bed. There was no gentle snoring but a lot of sniffling and then a gentle cough. Suddenly a small voice said “Who are you?”
Lucy being a truthful fairy said. “Lucy”
Sara sneezed then said,“What are you?”
Lucy was at a loss, without her boss. “You should be asleep.”
“I know but I’m all stuffed up with a cold”
“Poor you, what toy is that?” Lucy pointed at the screen.
Sara pushed back the covers and moved closer to Lucy. “I’ll show you if you tell me what you are, I’m Sara.”
Sara switched on the computer. Lucy waited. Her eyes grew big and round as she watched and listened without a sound.
Sara handed Lucy some paper and crayons. “Let’s draw, it will take it a minute to wake up.”

They had fun drawing funny looking houses, animals, smiling suns and moons. Lucy almost forgot why she had been sent. Sara fell asleep and lucy peeped beneath her pillow. She found a tiny tootha dn replaced it with a shiny coing.
Lucy tried to forget the computer but she couldn’t. After work the next night Lucy went back to Sara’s room.

Sara woke when Lucy entered the room. “Hi, ”
“Hi… I I wondered if…” Lucy looked at the computer.
“Okay, but first tell me about you.”
Lucy patted her bag of fairy dust and said “I’m a fairy”
“Really, wow wait till I tell Ava/”
Lucy stared at the computer. “Why couldn’t our pictures move?”
Sara struggled with the answer, “They were just drawings I can’t make them move.”
Lucy said, “I could.”
Sara looked at the screen at her half drawn horse. He looked like he was made of hundreds of wobbling jellies, he had a big funny grin and wore wellies. Sara finished him. She gave him a spikey mane and a fuzzy tail.
Lucy smiled “He looks like fun, we should let him run”
As Sara watched Lucy took some Lucy fairy dust and threw it. The horse turned towards them, very carefully, wellies and all he stepped out onto the desk.
“How do, got anything to eat?” The wobblying horse asked.
“No.” Sara said.
“Huh, I suppose I’ll just have to go and find some for my self.” With that he jumped down from the desk and troted towards the kitchen.
“He seems a bit wobbly perhaps we should follow him.” Sara suggested but Lucy was busy drawing. “What is it?”Sara asked.
Lucy giggled “Its a fairy house.” Sara began to help her.

Much later Lucy said goodbye to Sara. As soon as she arrived home Lucy knew she was in trouble. Yolanda looked angry, Rose was tapping her feet and yawning loudly. Between them stood a familiar looking pink spotted wobbly horse with wellies on his hooves.
“George says you made him.”
“I told you…” George said, but Yolanda scowled at him. He stopped speaking.
“I.I.I.. Sara showed me and then we made our drawing of a dopey horse….”
“I’m no dope!” George said and turned his back on Lucy.
Lucy tried to look sorry but Yolanda said,“I’ll go away for a bit and when I return I want everything here looking lickity spit..”
“Back to normal. “ agreed Rose.
Lucy wondered what would happen. “I’m finished as a tooth fairy, I’ll have to spend my life doing something absolutely terrible, like putting the leaves on the trees. “ She kicked out at a blade of grass.
Rose said, “It was my fault and some of it was just ..”
“Bad luck,” Lucy suggested.

Yolanda agreed with her and told her she had a special job for Lucy because she found the wobbly horse was not only wobbly but interesting and artistic.

“I think the sky could use a little help in becoming less boring.”

Lucy’s eyes were shining and there was colour back in her chubby cheeks. Yolanda  “But Lucy remember I want soft fluffy white people and images made from clouds with nothing to come to life. In other words they are to stay in the sky.”

Lucy absolutely loves her work. Just take a peep at the sky and see how many flying sheep or wobbly horses you can see there along with the odd colourful rainbow.