No Monsters Allowed

Daisy-Lyah and Lilian sat opposite Breeze.

“We would like to hear one of your stories please Mr. Breeze.” Lilian looked at him and waited.

Breeze searched the clouds in the sky and found inspiration there.

Here is his story:

Jessie is a tiny girl whose best friend has four paws, a wagging tail and a smiley face.

One afternoon she ran into the kitchen and hid under a chair.

“The monster can’t crush me here,” she whispered.

“‘Yes I can!” The monster roared growing bigger to fill most of the room.

Jessie raced into the kitchen.

“Come on Jessie let’s go to the park.” Granddad said. Bob began to jump and bark around them. He loved the park.

“Wait till I put my coat on, Bob,” Jessie whispered looking around, searching for the monster. She didn’t want to be crushed.  A tear rolled down her face. Bobs sloppy tongue licked it off making Jessie giggle.

Bob walked with Jessie close to Granddad and Granny.

In the park Granddad went to get ice cream. Granny sat in the sun.

Climbing into the playhouse, Jessie felt safe. Bob was sitting beside her so there was no room for a monster.

“Jessie are you ok?” Granny asked.

“Yes. It’s nice here, try it Granny!”

“I’d get stuck in the door. Then you and Granddad would leave me.”

Jessie peeped out. “Oh Granny, I’d never do that!”

Granny smiled, “You might not, but Granddad would! And here he is now.”

Granddad held out an ice- cream saying, “An ice-cream for Granny, and one for me.” He scratched his head, ” Was someone else looking for an ice-cream?”

Jessie giggled. Climbing out of the pipe she said, “Me, Granddad!”

“Who is this me?”

Skipping over to him she said, “Jessie!”

Bob was drooling. Great lumps of blob were hanging from his mouth.

“Thank you Granddad. But Bob is sad,” Jessie said. She stuck her finger in her ice cream and Bob licked her finger.

“It’s ok Bob. I have one for you!” Pulling a tub of ice cream from his pocket Granddad placed it on the ground. Bob looked at Jessie.

“Eat it up Bob!” She said. He did.

Then Jessie heard a whispering voice grow louder until it became a roar. “You are tiny. I could swallow you in one gulp,” the monster shouted. He was huge, blocking out the sun. Jessie began to shake.

Bob was barking. Granddad said, “Stop, Bob!”

Huffing and grunting Bob moved closer to Jessie. She sat with her hands about the dog’s fluffy neck.

At home Granddad handed her a packet of crayons. “I am going to draw fairies and pixies but not leprechauns. They frighten me!”

“But, you are not afraid of anything, even spiders!”

Granddad said, “Do you want to know a secret? I’m afraid of lots of things especially nasty leprechauns.”

“Why?” Jessie asked.

“They want to take me away but I have a secret weapon – it’s a magic circle locking them out.”

“What is it Granddad?”

Granddad said, “Love! Leprechauns don’t understand love because their world is nasty. They don’t have you, Granny and Bob to love them.”

Jessie thought about all the nice things the monster couldn’t understand.

Granddad held up his drawing.

She laughed. “You drew funny coloured shapes Granddad.”

“They are fairies sprinkling butterflies everywhere. What did you draw?”

“You, Granny, Mum, Dad, and lots and lots of Bobs,” she whispered.

“Who will we bring to the park next time?” Granddad asked.

Jessie smiled and said, “Everyone but no monsters allowed!”




Here is a picture of Jessie for you to colour.



The Twitchet Sisters

Roberta and Lizzie were happy witches until, they met a certain wolf who loved to knock or blow houses down.

He didn’t simply knock their house down he stomped all over it. This was an easy task for him because Roberta and Lizzie are as big as a teaspoon.

However, a flattened house left them with a whopper of a problem.

“We need to find a new house and fast.” Roberta stated as she hovered above the remains of their squished tiny house.

“How? The elf who created our dream home is on holidays and we cannot wait until then. We need one now!” Lizzie stomped about picking up what she could save and dropping them into one pile on the ground.

“We will split up and go in search of a new home. Meet you back here  in an hour.” And Roberta vanished.

“I don’t see why we can’t simply magic one house seeing as we are two stupendously talented witches.” Lizzie said flicking her wand. The chocolate chip muffin that appeared before her disappeared pretty quickly into Lizzie’s mouth as she was supposed to be on a diet.

The search began.

Roberta appeared clutching a tiny parcel and said, “I have it watch.” With a flick of her wrist at the parcel a tent appeared between them. It was pink. A violent shade of pink.

“Cute but too blowy.” Said Lizzie and with a huff she blew the tent down.

Roberta shuddered and vanished.

Lizzie found a dolls house but Roberta declared it would be too busy with many tiny hands moving dolls and furniture about. “We would never know where anything was.” She said.

By nightfall they came to a decision, they would make do for the time being in a very nice looking dove house. However the doves were too friendly towards the tiny witches offering them dinner of seeds and worms.  “Ugh, No thank you.”

The sisters agreed to continue searching the next day.

They tried, tins (too noisy), boxes (too soggy in the rain), dog houses (too smelly), garages (too dusty).

Finally they stumbled into a house filled with treasures.

And on a shelf they found the perfect home, can you guess?

Here it is-

A perfect teapot home for two tiny tea loving witches.


Hisilicon K3

Hisilicon K3