Dare to Write

For all writers fact or fiction this post might be of help or simply encourage us to keep writing

4am Writer

Summer is finally here!

This has always been a nostalgic time of year for me. As a kid, I spent my days devouring stories–less a book worm and more a book serpent. I could never get enough. There was never enough time. Summer reading always brings to mind stories like Wuthering Heights, The Secret Garden, Treasure Island, Nancy Drew mysteries, and Thornton Burgess animal stories.

When I wasn’t reading (or harrassed by my younger sister) I was writing my own stories. With no demands on my time other than to swim, picnic, or explore the woods, writing was a carefree luxury that I indulged in daily.

Now older, with children of my own, and more serious demands made on my time, writing and reading for pleasure are rare activities for me. I often hear the same from my coaching clients–how difficult it is to fit writing into a life that is already…

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