What Breeze hates most…..

Everyone in the wood knows the green faced Ogre called Breeze loves trees, cupcakes and food in general. But Breeze was surprised one afternoon when Lily refused to eat her broccoli and instead of grumbling about being told to eat it. She said “Everyone I know hates something but what do you hate Mr. Breeze?”

He crunched on his own raw broccoli and considered his answer carefully.

Lily pushed her vegetables around on her plate while she waited for his answer.

“I hate, Rain.”

“Why?” She smiled up at him and when he looked away she slid some broccoli on his plate.

“Because it makes sitting on branches of trees difficult, I keep sliding off.” He rammed a piece of broccoli into his large mouth.

Her answering giggles didn’t please him. Lily noticed and said, “Sorry but you like sliding on branches.”

“Yes but not when I am trying to sleep and there is this picture I got from that sneaky dog – Bob.”

Lily sat up, delighted that Bob had been mentioned as this meant the whole problem of eating or not eating broccoli would now be forgotten. “Bob? What has he done?”

“He watches me falling off branches in the rain and I bet he laughs a lot at it.” Breeze scratched his chin and looked very bothered at this thought.”

“Can I see the photo?” She asked

While Breeze ambled to the back of his cave to collect the picture Lily pushed the remaining broccoli onto his plate just in time as Breeze returned.

“See, what he does?”




“He is a clever Dog, hiding from the rain,” she mumbled. She noticed Breeze’s sad expression and suggested, “But he doesn’t make Lily the nicest Ice cream sundaes in the whole wide world.”

Breeze grinned. “You are correct, lets go and make some extra large ones.”

Lily jumped down from her chair only too happy that the horrible broccoli was now forgotten.

A mixed up day.

He worked all day long from sunrise to sunset. As Breeze walked about the wood fixing things, he sang, “There was a jolly ogre who lived in the wood and spent his days fixing all he could.”

However at the end of the day there was a long line of his friends standing outside his cave and they were not happy. Breeze had to sit and listen to every single complaint.

Mrs. Green said, “I spent a long time sprinkling the moss on the path around my house and when I came out you had picked it up and put it back in the basket.  It was for the hedgehogs.”

Breeze scowled at her.

Matt said, “I hung my paintings on the washing line to dry and you took them down, put them standing one on top of the other, now they are all smeared and I will have to redo them.”

Lilly said, “Daisy-lyah and I spent the whole day weaving knots into the sheeps wool so they wouldn’t forget it is time to shed their coats every morning during Summer. And you took them all out. Now they won’t remember and they will be too hot and might get sick.”

When they all went home Breeze sighed and said, “They give out when I don’t do stuff and they give out when I do, sometimes I am better off going for a nice long sleep.”

And that is what he did, after two giant bowls of ice-cream topped with banana’s and cherries.


Here is a picture of a banana split courtesy of photobucket.combanana-split