Smoke Day – Part 2


When Breeze returned to Tulips house. She was sitting on her patio drinking a cup of honey and camomile tea.

His nose twitched in response to the delicious smell.  She smiled. “Would you like a cup?”

“I’d rather a chocolate chip and blueberry muffin.”

Tulip scowled. “That is two muffins not one.” She handed the muffins to him on a dainty flower patterned plate.

“Thank you two is always better than one. “Breeze sat on her porch.

Tulip smiled and waited. Breeze ate the muffins then said, “why did you look angry earlier and why did you create a dust storm?”

Tulip scowled. Her  ponytail danced up and down as she said, “I’ve visitors coming.”

“Oh, do I know them?” Breeze asked.

“Fairy Lilian and Lovisma.”

Breeze frowned. Tulip quickly said, “Lovisma likes Lilian. When she heard Lilian was coming tomorrow, Lovisma invited herself. That is why I am angry. I don’t want to have a witch in my house but I do want Lilian to come. She is fun and makes amazing chocolate chip cookies. You would like her Breeze.”

“I am sure I would particularly if she brings cookies.” He sat for a while and watched the clouds tumble high in the sky over his head.

“Tulip. I could help with Lovisma if you wanted me to.”

Tulip frowned. “Does it involve squishing or stamping on her?”

Breeze shook his head. “I would like to try it once, just to stop her bouncing about. She looks like a strange kangaroo.”

“Yes, she loves kangaroo’s.” Tulip giggled.

Breeze stood. “I have to go. Thank you for the scrummy yummy cakes.”

Before Tulip could say a word he was gone. She could hear him whistling as he walked into the wood. She wondered what he was planning. “I bet I will soon find out.”

The next afternoon the butterfly clock in Tulips house was fluttering at three o clock when Lilian arrived.

The fairy flew up to Tulip, gave her a kiss on each cheek and said, “I’ve brought you a present. It was suggested by a friend.”

“Why thank you, Lilian.” Tulip looked around her she couldn’t see any thing but the box of chocolate chip cookies  Lilian carried in her special handbag which was shaped like a lady bird.

“I’ve followed the instructions and left him down by the river.”

Tulip narrowed her eyes and looked at the curling dancing river. She couldn’t see anything. “Never mind I suppose I will find out later.” The two fairies went indoors and spent hours chatting, catching up on family news. Their laughter sent sprinkles of  sparkling fairy dust dancing high into the sky.

Breeze called to see Tulip later that day. “Did you have a good day?” he asked. Stars were tumbling from his eyes

She laughed. “Thank you I did.” Tulip considered him carefully. “What did you do to her?”

Breeze said, “I didn’t do anything.”

Tulip thought about it for a minute. “Okay what did you ask Lilian to bring for me? And what did you do with Lovisma.”

Breeze said, “I did not touch one purple hair on the little witches head. You can ask her if you like, she is in the field beside the waterfall.”

With that he turned around and went back to his favorite tree for a nap.

Tulip flew towards the waterfall. She sat on a rock in the middle of the river. It didn’t take her long to find Lovisma. She could hear the witch shouting at someone called Toby.

Tulip flew close and hid behind a giant sunflower. She smiled.

Lovisma was bouncing from one giant mushroom to another. Right beside her and racing her was a tiny kangaroo.  She smiled as she watched the kangaroo and the witch race around the field.

“I think Breeze deserves some cakes, but maybe not too many. Just enough to say thank you.” She decided to leave solving the mystery of where Lilian found the Kangaroo named Toby for another day.