Daisy-lyah and the troublesome daffodil.

Daisy-lyah had a job. Her first job so she wanted it to be perfect. ipp The task was to ensure every daffodil bloomed. Daisy-lyah checked each daffodil every morning and evening to make sure it was growing. “There will be no sick daffodil while I am around.” She told Lilly.

Spring had arrived and the woods were full of birdsong and nests being built. Snowdrops were bowing their heads as they prepared for another long sleep in the earth but the daffodils were growing taller each day, except for one. It seemed to be struggling.

Daisy-lyah fed and watered it.  When this didn’t help it she tried singing. The trouble was Daisy-lyah could not sing so she stopped when she noticed the rabbits, fairies and even Breeze covering their ears so they wouldn’t hear her.

She didn’t know what to do. She asked Elegant for help. Elegant knew she could fix the problem with a flick of her witches wand but the kind witch decided it would be nicer for Daisy-lyah to feel she solved the problem.

“Perhaps it is too shy to face the world. It happens sometimes.” Elegant said.

“How do I fix that?” Daisy-lyah asked.

“By being very kind to it, by telling it how magnificent it truly is and by showing it matters to you that the daffodil sees the beauty around it.”

So Daisy-lyah decided until the daffodil opened its petals she would stay with it. She brought her bedding close to the daffodil, and spent her days talking to it telling it of the beauty of such simple things such as raindrops, rainbows, summer sun and a smiling beautiful daffodil who was listening to all of this.

Spring was almost over when Daisy-lyah woke one morning to discover her job was over.


for nodding its head and smiling at her was her shy daffodil.