A map creates chaos.

Breeze felt happy after his swim with the hippo’s.  He was a little bit dirty, this was due to Grace’s love for mud fights. But it was fun and Breeze did like mud.

His happiness vanished when he saw a crowd of animals and elves staring at Lovisma’s map.

Hamish asked Breeze, “Is this a joke,  nothing is in the right place.”

Elvis a rabbit who couldn’t sit still was running around the group shouting “It is a trick. She will turn you all into horrid monsters.”

Breeze said, “No it is simply a painting. Not a great painting but a painting.”

Mrs. Groundsel had a baby pixie in her arms. “It is a terrible painting, little Dee keeps crying when she looks at it. What I am afraid of most is that none of our houses are in the right place.”

Hamish looked interested when she said this. He slowly said, “maybe this is where they will be tomorrow.”

Martin a dwarf who loved decorating his house, jumped to his feet and shouted, “she is going to mess with our houses, best to tie them down.”

The group ran in every direction, everyone shouting, “yes tie them down, good and tight.”

Breeze sat on the ground and thought about this a little. This problem felt like another trick and he would need a spell or two to solve it.  He set off for Tulips house.  “I do hope she is baking I could use a really huge fairy cake just now.”


Lovisma’s Masterpiece

The very next morning there was a loud rumbling heard in the wood. The ground was trembling. Trees were shivering so much birds were being thrown out of them.

Breeze climbed to the highest point of his tree and looked in the direction of the noise. He smiled. “It is no wonder everything is quivering and quaking, it is Grace the hippopotamus and her friends coming to visit.”

He slid down the tree and went to meet them.  Grace and three other hippo’s stopped before Breeze. “It is a special delivery for you.” Grace huffed and puffed from beneath a large chunk of a tree.  Carefully they lowered it to the ground.

Breeze groaned “it is Lovisma’s map.”

Grace said, “you are very clever for an Ogre. We will tell her you liked it.” She turned to her friends and said, “Job done lets go for a swim.” The hippo’s thundered off leaving Breeze staring at the map.


Lovisma's map

He muttered  “I think I will go swimming too. I will leave this map here and maybe some bark munching invisible monsters will come and eat it.”

He raced off before Lovisma appeared.