Solving the mystery of Toby the Kangaroo

The morning after Lilian’s visit Tulip wrote a brief note to Lilian. She then folded it into the shape of a butterfly and told it where to go.


Dear Lilian,

Thank you for the cookies. They were scrumptious. Yes, it was Breeze who said that. I would love your help in solving the mystery of Toby the Kangaroo. Where did you find him and more importantly why did he vanish?

Should I be worried?

Showers of happy hugs to you,



Lilian smiled. She knew the mystery would need an answer. Tulip was an inquisitive fairy. This is her letter answering Tulips question. (It was shaped like a ladybird)



Dear Tulip,

Regarding the cookies why wouldn’t I bring you and the Ogre some of his favourite foods. But I wonder what food does he hate?

The mystery is really no mystery. Breeze told me of the problem with the naughty witch, Lovisma. I made a suggestion and he loved the idea.

Do you remember how Mr. Snuffy, the gnome, used to entertain us by making shapes from balloons, mud and carving images from vegetables?

Well I took a balloon and made a Toby. He was made to last approximately five hours and he did.

This meant we could talk in peace and Lovisma got to race a kangaroo until she fell asleep with tiredness. When she woke, Toby was gone.

So you see, no animal, being or witch was harmed and we had a very pleasant afternoon. Give my love to Breeze. Can you tell him I’m working on the other project he mentioned?





A Smoke Filled Mystery (Part 1) 500 words

Breeze saw a cloud of black rising from the edge of the forest. “Fire,” he bellowed.

His voice set the ground shaking. Trees were wobbling like jellies shaking the birds and squirrels out of their resting places. Birds flew away, squirrels bounced along the ground.

Breeze  slid down the trunk of the tree. He ran to the centre of the wood and roared, “Fire.  Get to the river.”

Everyone heard and obeyed. Fire was not a thing to play with or wait to admire. Breeze ran towards the strange cloud.

Mrs. Groundsel dashed past him, she had a child under each arm and a wooden spoon tucked into her hair. She stopped. “Breeze where are you going?”

“To check on Tulip and make sure everyone is out of the wood.”

“Okay, be careful.” She picked up a tiny frog who was hopping on the spot but not moving forward. “I’ll take care of the rest, ” she said, tucking the frog into the pocket in her apron. She raced away.

“She is one Super granny ogre.” Breeze said and ran towards Tulips house.

He was almost at her house when he stopped and smelt the air around him. “Funny but it should smell smoky and horrid by now. This is a strange fire.”

Close to Tulips house he saw some rabbits nibbling on fresh grass. He looked at them and wondered if they were deaf or did they not know fire was dangerous. He was too worried about Tulip to stop and talk to them.  “I’ll come back for you,” he said.

They ignored him and kept eating.

Breeze got to the house and looked about him. Tulips house was on the edge of the forest.  He looked about him. Where is the fire? He wondered.

Tulip came out to him. “Why was the wood and the ground shaking?”

Breeze shook his head, he didn’t want to say he made a mistake. “Fire drill, yes we were practicing in case there is ever a fire. We need to know how to  get out fast.”

small pic

Tulip looked closely at him. “Really?”

Breeze smiled.

“And who was the fastest?” Tulip began to sweep her front step.

“Mrs Groundsel. ” Breeze muttered.

Tulip was sweeping very fast. She made the air about her was turn thick and black with dust. His eyes followed the rising dust. It rose in a hurry high above her house, as though it were trying to escape.

“It’s a cloud of dust.” Breeze said and sat on the ground with a thump. He gave himself a minutes rest then he trotted off to explain to everyone why he thought it was a fire. As he ran he wondered why Tulip was cleaning with so much energy. She usually did that when she was mad at someone or something.

There is a mystery to be solved back there. I will have to return and find out why Tulip is cleaning like a crazy fairy. Breeze thought as he hurried along.  But first he had to do a lot of apologizing to all the scared beings who were sitting on the bank of the river wondering if they would have a bed to sleep in tonight.