Lovisma Tries to Cook

Breeze was woken by Tulip. She was tapping the top of his head with her wand.

“How can you sleep? Can you not smell it?” She had a tiny pink clothes peg on her nose. It made her sound funny.

Breeze giggled. She glared at him. “It’s not funny, it is stinking.”

He said, “Its okay. I can’t smell a thing. I have a slight cold in my  nose.” He waved a grotty looking hanky at her.

“Well I need you to do something about the smell. We are having an exhibition of fairy paintings tonight and I can’t have my guests smelling that horrid smell.”

Breeze smiled. “Give them a clothes peg then.”

She twacked him on his nose. It glowed red. “Sorry” she said. “It is really bad, please help.”

He started investigating. It didn’t take long to find the source. There was a huge black tunnel of smoke rising from the edge of the wood very close to the river. Breeze ambled through the forest and heard more complaints about the awful smell. “I’m on my way to solving the mystery. ” He told everyone he met.

When he got to the edge of the wood he groaned. “It’s Lovisma.”

The tiny witch was sitting on a fallen tree at the edge of the forest. She was fast asleep. The cauldron sat on a fire some distance from her. The liquid was gurgling and spitting. Smoke billowed into the sky. There was not a bird or butterfly in sight.

Breeze wondered if it was safe to go nearer. He decided the answer was no. Opening his mouth as wide as he could he roared, “Lovisma wake up. Your stuff is angry.”

Lovisma shot up into the air, whacked her head off an overhanging branch . She screeched, “No no no, my fudge is kaput.”

Breeze ambled up to her. “I like fudge.” He told her and smiled.

“Well no one likes burnt fudge, look it is….like…” She peered into the pot. “It is all in one gooey gloopy mess. What will I do with it?”

“Why were you making fudge? Couldn’t you just zap some?” Breeze asked.

“I could just like this.” She clapped her hands together and a bowl of fudge appeared besideBreeze.

He took a piece. It melted in his mouth. “Yummy.”

“I thought I could surprise Tulip. I heard her say I couldn’t bake or boil an egg.” The tiny witch sat on the tree and looked very upset.

Breeze regarded her thoughtfully. He didn’t like to see any being upset . When he heard the wicked Snow Queen in the north was sad because her owl had died he sent her some jokes to cheer her up and a basket of Tulips coconut biscuits. He let another piece of fudge melt in his mouth and he thought about the problem.

“I have a problem.” He said.

“You are not the only one.” Lovisma grumbled.

“No listen my problem is there are a lot of holes in the mountain path. It is making it very dangerous for Mrs. Groundsel and her grandchildren. Your stuff could solve the problem.” He smiled at Lovisma. “Yes let’s go.”

He and Lovisma walked to the mountain path followed by the smelly cauldron full of gunge.

They ate the fudge while they worked. Breeze pointed out the gaps in the path and Lovisma zapped them full of her stuff.  When they were finished he smiled at her and said, “I will tell everyone what a good kind witch you were today, thank you.”

She looked at him and glared. “Don’t you dare.” But Breeze did notice she was smiling when she vanished.


Here is a picture drawn by Breeze of one angry witches pot.