The Great Bubble Chase

Frankie! Are you awake.”

Awake? Wide awake sir!” Frankie blinked and looked about him wondering what he had missed.

Right, perhaps you can explain the story to everyone here.”

Of course Frankie couldn’t. From that moment on Frankie discovered that each time he glanced out of the window, his teacher asked him a question. It was really most annoying he decided. After all he had no time to lose if he was to solve his great mystery, of what he was good at doing. His friends seemed to be able to do something really well. Being ordinary is boring to him. He wants to do something so amazing that he would be famous.

His Mum and Dad noticed he never listened to them. Lately they agreed that they wished that he wouldn’t dream so much.

His big sister, Alice, thinks that Frankie is a pest with a capital P. She wishes he would be very quiet, every now and again, for a bit of peace.

His teacher Mr. Woods if asked would have said that Frankie talks too much and never listens in class. He wishes that Frankie would simply listen when he should and answer when he should.

Frankie decided to make a list. This sounded easy but, he found it is never easy to list those things that you could do far far better than anyone else. After many false starts Frankie started writing his list. The first thing on the list sounded simple. To hold his breath longer than anyone else could. He practiced it as he walked to school but his best mate Jim thought that Frankie was day dreaming and stopped talking to him.

The next evening he tried it while he was eating dinner. Big mistake! Frankie had reached thirty when he began to feel strange. His face turned a very peculiar colour but he kept counting. His mum noticed the strange colour and she sprang into action.

Slapping him hard on the back, she said, “Frankie, Could you please remember to chew your food properly. Stop holding your breath, you are not good enough to break that record.” Just to make sure his mum watched him carefully for the remainder of the meal.

Frankie decided, adults were strange, he had explained he was attempting to set a World record, and now they were mucking it up.. More worrying for him was the certain truth, his Mum and Dad were especially good at putting a stop to things that they didn’t like.

He cheered up later when he found a giant earthworm in the garden . Chasing Alice around the garden made him laugh.

He sat on the fence and looked at his short list, the second suggestion was also the last.

It said, and Frankie had to turn the torn page upside down. ‘Stand on mi head.’

Standing on your head sounded easy. It was easy but for one small obstacle. A furry, purring, playful one called Scrappy. Each time Frankie stood on his head, Scrappy thought it was playtime. Being pounced on by a playful cat knocked that effort off his list. So now Frankie was right back at the beginning, thinking and dreaming up ideas.

It was while he was helping his Dad put up some shelves that Frankie had his next brain wave. Frankie always felt important when he helped his Dad. When he got a chance in-between fetching and carrying, he asked,

Dad, is there a record for banging nails into timber?”

His Dad stopped hammering. He removed his cap and scratched his shiny bald head. “Well Frankie, I suppose there is, isn’t there a record for every single thing nowadays.”

That was enough for Frankie. He had a go. Frankie was doing exceptionally well. He was working on nail number ninety eight when his Mum came into the room. Unfortunately she was not impressed with the large piece of timber nailed firmly to one of her kitchen chairs.

Frankie had plenty of spare time to think after that, in his bedroom. To help him discover what was possible he had gone to the library and borrowed some reference books. They were sitting on the shelf waiting for him. Frankie glared at them. They simply sat and stared back. Frankie sighed there was nothing for it. He would have to open them.

They were no help what so ever. Frankie was not able to afford a super car so that meant that he couldn’t break the land speed record (even if he could drive). He didn’t have enough money to buy the ingredients to bake the world’s longest roll ( even if he could bake). He did not have the expertise yet, to find a cure for the common cold, but he was working on that in secret. The chocolate and cheese sandwich which he had mushed up in a jam jar had turned an interesting shade of bluey green. Now all he had to do was wait for someone to get a cold!

Closing the books with a loud bang, Frankie returned them to the shelf and sat on his bed to think . No matter how hard he tried Frankie could not think of one thing that was so unusual that it had never been done before. Eventually he gave up and just lay on his bed chewing bubble gum and blowing bubbles. After all it was the thing that helped him to think.

By tea time Frankie was out of his room but he was not happy. He had not solved his problem. He decided to ask Scrappy. Scrappy merely uttered a sad “Meow” and jumped up onto Frankie’s lap for a quick nap.

A loud noise from the television announced the start of his favourite program. Afterwards he dream t of spaceships and guns with dramatic blue rays flashing from them as he, Captain Frankie, and his trusty fighting cat traveled the universe sorting out stern looking green faced teachers and bossy sisters with two heads.

Next morning Frankie woke up feeling great. However that didn’t last for long when he remembered that it was “Test” day. Mr. Woods loved giving third class tests. He thought it was cool. Third class thought it pretty useless.

After all his years and years of teaching,“ Frankie told Jim, “you’d think he’d know that I’m not going to be turned into a genius just like that.” Frankie popped his bubble gum.

Deadly!” Jim said. “Wish I could blow really good bubbles just like you Frankie.”

It’s only practice,” said Frankie modestly, “anyone could do it.”

I’ve been practicing, watch.” Jim had a go. It was pitiful to watch. It was a tiny bubble which seemed to have a nasty looking hole in it. The bubblegum seemed to fall onto Jim’s face. Just then the bell rang and they walked slowly indoors for their test with Jim pulling bubblegum off his face.

Mr. Woods placed a sheet of paper in front of each pupil and explained. “This is an unusual one for you this week, boys and girls. It’s a true or false test. You should enjoy it”

Third class groaned long and loud, everyone except Frankie. He was deep in thought.

Jim’s right. I’m not just average at blowing bubbles. I’m great at it. After all, Captain Grant (space traveller) always said, “In today’s world it is better if you think big.

Frankie yanked another whopper gum out of his pocket. He popped it into his mouth. At first it was tough to chew with one squishy gum and one crunchy one in his mouth. But Frankie continued to twist his face this way and that.

Mr. Woods noticed how Frankie’s cheeks bulged horribly and his mouth seemed to turn sideways. “Just do your best Frankie.” Mr. Woods hastily looked away because it was not a pretty sight. He hoped that Frankie wasn’t going to be sick.

I will have a go, and add one or two more, Frankie decided stuffing two more into his mouth. He began to chew with gusto all the time wondering, how big the bubble would be.

Jim nudged Frankie with his elbow and whispered , “Tick something off or you’ll be in trouble .”

Frankie did. He didn’t look at what he was ticking as he was too busy wrestling with the fifth whopper which he had popped into his mouth.

Everyone was much too preoccupied to notice. So Frankie took a deep breath and began to blow. At first it was tough going but once he got it started the bubble seemed to take over itself. It was as if it was happy to have escaped the warm clammy depth of Frankie’s mouth. Soon it was as big as a tennis ball and still growing.

Wow! Frankie glanced around but nobody else noticed this giant bubble. He stopped blowing and waited for it to cave in, he especially like this sticky messy part. But the bubble kept growing. Frankie didn’t begin to worry even though the bubble was as big as a football and still growing. He felt proud. He was actually doing something amazing . He tried to remove the gum but found that he couldn’t. The gum was stuck like cement to his teeth! Before he could do anything the bubble began to float upwards, tugging Frankie gently out of his chair.

Frankie tucked his knees up and bobbed over Jim who had scrunched his eyes shut and was muttering, “Ibble , Obble , Chocolate bobble,” to decide which box he should tick. Frankie flew over Peter who was busy tying Louise’s pigtails together. The rest of third class were preoccupied ticking or rubbing out their answers. Frankie was too surprised to consider if he should be happy or angry that his friends were much too busy to notice.

Frankie closed his eyes and waited for a shout followed by Mr Woods loud commanding voice. Luckily Mr. Woods was rummaging about in his desk for something and didn’t see Frankie float silently by.

As he sailed down the school corridor Frankie began to relax. It isn’t so bad he thought if I could just get it out of my mouth. He was trying to pry the gum from his teeth,. Eventually he succeeded but now it was stuck to his hand.

My own private plane, Frankie thought as he hovered over the lollipop lady. He smiled politely at her and waved, but she didn’t see him. She couldn’t for her attention was fixed on the giant bubble coming at her. Her eyes were huge as with a shriek of horror she stood staring at it, too terrified to move. Frankie saw the large sign fall slowly from her hand.

He wasn’t the only one to notice it.

The bubble swooped suddenly. “Squelch. ” In a flash the bubble had eaten her stop sign. The bubble and Frankie took off again only this time they were followed by a grumbling lollipop lady. The sign was floating happily in the middle of the bubble.

He recovered from this surprise to find a passing blackbird stopped for a rest on Frankie’s curly head. “Get off” Frankie shook his head and the bird, with a loud squawk flew on. Straight into the bubble! It landed on the lollipop stick where it promptly settled for a nap.

Oh, my , oh my” Frankie groaned, “ this looks like trouble. Perhaps I should burst it”. But one glance down at the angry face of the lollipop lady who was running after him, made Frankie decide it was safer to be in the air.

In front of them Frankie spotted a man sitting on a wall with an open pizza box. Frankie licked his lips. He loved pizza’s, in particular pepperoni. The bubble seemed to agree for it began to descend and abruptly it dipped. But Frankie was ready for it this time. He reached out with his left hand and grasped the pizza just before the bubble could get it. You are not getting this, he thought. But the bubble had other ideas and it bent towards Frankie neatly enfolding most of the pizza. Frankie had no desire to be caught in the bubble so he took one quick bite and the remainder of the pizza was scooped into the bubble.

That’s not fair,” Frankie said as he watched the pizza spin like a frisbee around the lollipop stick. The sleeping bird was still perched on top of the stick.

The man on the ground joined in the chase with the lollipop lady.

What next? Frankie thought. A loud whirring noise warned him that they were not the only ones going by air. A helicopter, great they will rescue me! Frankie closed his eyes noticing how cold it was becoming. He opened his eyes to discover he was sitting on a platform of cotton wool. “Clouds” said Frankie and dipped his hand into the fluffy looking cloud. “Ugh, it’s slimy and gooey. I thought clouds were made of candy floss.” he moaned as he shook off the slimy mess.

Frankie didn’t get time to complain again as he was whisked away on a warm current of air. As they left the cloud and dropped closer to the ground Frankie could see his mum hanging out washing. He called out to her. If anyone could stop this stupid bubble in its tracks, it was his mum.

But he was too far away and she did not hear him. She disappeared indoors. As they approached the flapping clothes line the bubble sank lower still. Frankie concentrated hard on his bedroom window while the bubble gave his Dad’s best shirt a fierce hug. Galoop! And in it went.

Once again they darted away. This time straight for Mr. Thrift and his lively dog, Penny. She was bringing Mr. Thrift on his daily walk. Penny was miles ahead of her owner sniffing the ground . Before Frankie could shout out a warning. Swish! In went Penny barking like mad. She landed on the spinning pizza and began to lick the topping from it.

Hoi, “ shouted Mr. Thrift, as he dropped the lead in surprise. “Bring her back , you can’t dognap her like that.” And he joined in the chase after the lollipop lady and the angry pizza man.

Frankie decided that enough was enough he had to think of a way of stopping this hungry bubble. Obviously grown ups were not going to be much help so he shut his eyes tightly and began to think of different ways of bringing it down.

A lot of childish shouting made him open one eye. He shut it again quickly. School was finished and most of the boys from third class were in the park playing football. The bubble was fluttering along quite nicely towards them.

This calls for action , Frankie muttered and he began to wriggle with his body and feet. Nothing happened . So he tried using his free hand . Flapping it up and down very fast, Frankie began to get somewhere. The bubble was now spinning around . After twenty circles and with a very buzzy head Frankie stopped. The bubble didn’t. It just bounced along. Dipping and diving towards the ground.

Great” Frankie said “We are going to land.”

He had just spoken when ‘ Snap’. It gobbled up the flying football.

Hey” shouted all of the boys. “You, come back with our ball.” They began to run after Frankie.

Frankie didn’t notice them immediately as he was too busy staring at the amazing sight within the bubble. The lollipop stick was now wearing his Dad’s best shirt . The bird was happily hovering above it. Penny had eaten all of the pizza topping and had curled up on the base and fallen asleep. The football was doing non stop laps of the bubble.

Shouts from below reminded Frankie that all was not terrific. He glanced down to see that the Lollipop lady was showing signs of exhaustion, as she dropped back into third place behind the pizza man and Mr. Thrift. Third class however thundered on up into first place yelling, “Geronimo!”

Don’t worry we’ll catch it!” shouted Jim and Ronan the leaders as they looked back at the grownups. With that there was a enormous splash as they led the rest of the boys straight into the park pond.

Frankie tried not to laugh, but he couldn’t help it . It was too funny watching all of his friends splash around amongst the ducks and water. The three exhausted adults had collapsed into one messy heap on a tiny park bench.

It was then that Frankie realised that a most amazing thing was happening to the giant bubble. With each loud burst of laughter the bubble seemed to become dented and misshapen. As it lost its spectacular round shape it began to sway and zig zag downwards.

Frankie stopped laughing and the bubble regained its roundness and began to float upwards again. He glanced back at his friends. They were much too busy fooling about in the water to have noticed.

Frankie ‘s mind was racing along. He looked all about him and saw that they were going to float over the cluster of trees. He waited until they were almost over the trees before he took a huge gulp of air and slowly exhaled. He repeated this over and over. He blew for all he was worth and with each puff the bubble sank . Gradually they inched towards the green grass beyond the elm trees.

Frankie waited until the bubble came close to a large branch . Prising his right hand free he fell to the ground rolling over and over as he landed.

Frankie finally came to a soft stop by the laurel hedge. He pulled himself up and looked towards the bubble just as a terrific Pop! rang out. Bubble gum was flying everywhere. The Lollipop stick dropped like a stone. The bird flew away with a grateful cry. The pizza, Penny and the football landed on a great blob of bubble gum. Penny , he saw was OK just a little pink and sticky.

And Frankie? Well Frankie being Frankie just stayed where he was as his friends rushed up to him.

Did you see it Frankie?, What was it?, Where did it come from ? How did it come down? Who was the fella who was holding it? Was it an alien, All I could see were his legs?”

They were all shouting at once. The adults were busy, trying to remove bubble gum from the sign and Penny.

It was really exciting, “ began Frankie a dreamy look coming on his face. “ I did it. It was me! And I brought it down! Flying is great!”

But nobody believed him no matter how hard he tried to explain. Finally he gave up and went off to have a game of football instead

When they had finished playing and were on their way home Jim smiled at his friend who was trying to explain yet again about the bubble. “Frankie you are not only the greatest bubble blower in the universe but you are also the greatest dreamer.”

Frankie looked at Jim crossly. Would no one believe him? But as Jims words sunk home Frankie puffed his chest out proudly and agreed , “Yes I am.”

And splitting his last piece of gum with Jim he walked all the way home without blowing one single bubble!


Hungry Henry




Henry was a hungry baby.  He bawled and yelled until he was fed. When the bottle of milk was empty he let out a giant belch and then, he smiled.

Mum and Dad discovered he would chew anything when he was hungry. He tried: earth, grass, worms, wood, cotton wool, coal and the bumper of the car.

Henry grew tall and strong. One day at school his teacher, Mr. Snow took a look at Henry’s homework. “How can I read this?” He said twisting and turning the pages. “Did you invite a family of spiders to have a party here, on the page?”

That afternoon Henry said to his mum, “I hate homework and school. Teachers don’t like me. I think I am really dumb.”

“Of course you aren’t Henry but you will learn a lot as you grow up. After all everyone changes during their life.” Mum said.

“Not in my life.” Henry said kicking his school bag across the floor.

Chapter 2.

Hopping off the school bus one day, Henry discovered there was no one at home. He tried all the doors, but they were locked. He pressed his nose to the kitchen window. His tummy growled and rumbled, as he saw the apple pie, sitting on the table.

Sticking his hands into his pockets he walked to the low garden wall. The clouds gathered overhead to look at him sitting there swinging his legs. He wished there was someone to talk to.

A leaf tumbled from a tree. It landed on his nose, tickling him and making him giggle. Others floated past. He began to count them. “One, two, three, four-five-six-seven.” Soon Henry was speaking so fast the numbers ran into one another. He liked the sound of this and kept going. He reached the amazing target of one thousand and seventy one, with the odd pause to catch his breath, before his growling stomach drowned out his voice.

Tipping his bag upside down an odd collection of books, biros and crayons fell out. He picked up a piece of ribbon he had pulled from Anne’s hair yesterday. It was blue, not his favourite colour, but Henry was hungry.

Popping it into his mouth he began to chew. A minute later he spat it out deciding it wasn’t his favourite taste either!

He caught a leaf and tried chewing it. He liked the rough and smooth texture of the leaf. But after a minute he decided it was tasteless. So he spat the leaf out.

He picked up his dictionary. Mr. Snow said all schoolbooks were to be treated with great respect. Henry’s nose twitched, as he smelt peppermint.  A lump of chewing gum was stuck to the cover. Yanking it off he rolled the gum in another leaf and tried eating the sandwich.

No, he thought, it can’t compete with apple tart. His tummy rumbled in agreement.

The bright yellow and red covered dictionary felt nice in his hands. Henry stared at it.   How do you eat a book with respect? He considered the problem carefully. If it were a used book, then it wouldn’t be so bad, he decided and opened the last page of the book.

The last word was; Zucchini. “I like zucchini’s ” he mumbled as he tore the strip out and popped it into his mouth. It didn’t taste too bad.

The first word on the next page was Zabaglione. He frowned puzzled by the strange word. He read aloud. “Italian whipped egg and cream dessert. Hmm, sounds nice. I will eat it after dinner some day.” He promised folding the page up and chewing it.

The dictionary paper was far better than used hair ribbon, and a lot nicer than chewed bubblegum and a dry crispy leaf. Better still his stomach was not as noisy. It had settled down to a pleasant grumble.

He flipped open another page, to Young Person and YWCA . He read the meanings of each word aloud before eating them.

By the time he had worked his way through Yeti and Y Chromosome he decided he liked the taste of the paper and the ink. If he closed his eyes he could pretend it was a crunchy flapjack.

Henry was happy until a thought arrived in his head, if I could remember these words I wouldn’t have to go to stupid school or have to do silly homework, ever again. But Henry knew there was no possibility of that ever happening to him.

Chapter 3.


Henry was as far as, Wonky, when his mum arrived home.

“‘Oh, Henry. I am so sorry. The car had a flat Tyre. It took me ages to change it, are you OK?” She rushed by him,opened the door. Inside she went straight to the kitchen to get Henry a snack.

“You must be so hungry you could eat a whole,” she paused and looked at him. He was very quiet.

“I should be in a woeful hungry state,” he told her. “And yes you are correct I am so hungry I could eat a horse but I am not hungry at all.” He noticed she was staring at him in a strange manner.

“Oh dear, are you feeling faint or light headed?” she asked.

Henry smiled and said, “No. I am not feeling woozy. But I would rather eat that apple tart than a woggle.”

His mum looked puzzled. “What is a woggle?”

“A woggle is a leather ring, made in Scotland.” Henry said.

“You did learn a lot at school today.” She said watching him swallow a slice of tart in two gulps.

Henry went to bed early. He wasn’t tired. He was thoughtful. Henry had worked out the solution to his homework problem: he would read and eat more books!

When he woke in the middle of the night with a grumbling rumbling tummy Henry ignored the large plate of biscuits on his locker and opened his dictionary. He was staring at the I’s, Index finger, Indiscriminate, and the last on the page Indulge. He smiled

“I know these,” he said to his Buzz Light Year who sat on the shelf ready for action.

At school next day, Henry did not complain once. He struggled a little bit with the maths but he stuck at it and finished the problem. Today was Tuesday and Mr. Snow always gave them a story to write on Tuesday night. Usually Henry hated writing a story but today he was looking forward to it.

“Tonight, I want you to write one hundred words about why you think you should be on the football team.”

Henry smiled.

“Henry, are you feeling OK?”

“Positively terrific, sir.” He said.

Mr Snow walked over to stand before him. “Are you ill?”

“No. I have never felt better.”

“Hmm.” Mr Snow looked into Henry’s eyes. “Are you certain you don’t have a fever?”

“I’m fine Sir, better than fine, exceptionally well. I am one of the healthiest boys in this class.”

“On this occasion I hope you remember that. And remember to do the one hundred words. No excuses will be tolerated, even if you do become ill.” Mr. Snow’s eyes rested on Henry as he spoke.

Henry smiled.

Chapter 4.


When he got home, Henry started on his homework.

I have oodles of speed, he wrote.  Speed is, he paused and looked at the dictionary.  Henry smiled. He had eaten the S section some days ago. He wrote, rapidity of movement.

Henry discovered writing a story was no problem to him at all. When he was finished he read it aloud:

I will bring the following attributes to the football team,

I have an overall speed that exceeds all of my class-mates rapidity of movement. I was the only boy on the team to play competitively during each one of our last games. (He put this bit in because some of his team had sat on the grass and held a debate about who was the greatest superhero.)  I am a relatively calm individual who does not lose his temper or shout at the referee.  (Henry laughed as he remembered the fight between his friend James and the boy he was marking. It had been loud and noisy). More to the point I will not make any excessive flamboyant displays. I will be focused on one thing only, getting the ball in the oppositions net.

Henry smiled. That should do the trick he decided and turned his attention to his maths homework.

Next day he was happy. His plan worked. He was picked for the team.


Chapter 5.


As time went on Henry discovered he had created another problem. It didn’t matter how quickly you did your homework if your teacher kept doubling the amount. He was struggling through the front door carrying so many books when he bumped into his Dad.

“Henry! What have you done wrong to get all this homework?” Dad asked him.

Scratching the top of his head, Henry considered his answer. “I think the problem is I keep getting things right. I think Mr. Snow is testing me, waiting for me to get it wrong.”

“Well I am proud of you son, nice to have a genius in the family.”

Henry didn’t smile. The last time he smiled was before the football letter and that was weeks ago, since then he had finished the dictionary and started on a grammar book.

Before he went to bed Henry asked Mum and Dad. “Would it bother you if I wasn’t a genius?”

“Henry, it wouldn’t matter to us, as long as you are happy,” Mum said.

Dad asked, “Are you cheating?”

Tilting his head sideways Henry said, “No, just reading a lot more books. The words are sticking in my head.”

“I never had that problem,” Dad said. “Nothing stays in mine, I forgot the milk again on my way home.”

On Saturday morning a loud thud and a flash against the window woke Henry.  He dressed in a hurry and rushed outside. The bird lay on the ground. Not a feather or limb twitched. Henry felt a tear roll down his cheek. He hoped it wasn’t dead. Henry got a shoebox and lined it with tissues. Next he placed the bird in the box. He thought he felt movement but was unsure.

When his Dad got up Henry showed him the bird. It was sitting as still as a statue staring at them.

“It was stunned Henry, good work. We’ll leave it outside on the bird table and watch it for a while.”

They both smiled minutes later when the bird flew away.

Henry went back to try to solve his problem of being super smart. Remembering the bird he wondered if that could be the answer to his problem. He needed to have an accident and lose his memory. But how do you have an accident on purpose?

Chapter 6



Henry thought about this new problem a lot during the next day. He thought about it so much that his best friend Mike began to follow him around.

“Why are you following me Mike?” Henry demanded as the bell rang.

“Because you are dangerous today, you stepped in front of a moving car, almost got hit by the swing doors in the hall and last but not least you nearly fell down the school stairs. Wake up Henry. I can’t follow you everywhere!”

“I’m sorry. Perhaps you shouldn’t follow me because you are jinxing me. I am trying to be a magnet for jeopardy, big and small.”

Mike scratched his head. “Magnet for what?”


“That should be no problem but be careful. I have to go to detention.” Mike said.

Henry went looking for more danger. It was windy so he walked home. He saw a ladder lying against a house. He walked under it. Nothing happened! Next he walked through the park full of waving trembling old trees, but to his disgust not one branch fell on him!

“You would imagine getting clunked on the head today would be an easy thing to achieve.” He said to his Mum.

“Clunked on the head, oh my! Are you ok?” Mum said. Henry nodded his head.

On Saturday he visited his Granny. Henry noticed she was upset.

“Oliver’s missing,” she said.

“I’ll find him for you,” Henry told her and wandered outside to find Oliver, the worlds oldest fattest cat. He found him, sitting on top of the shed.

“How did you manage that?” he asked.

Oliver blinked and stayed where he was.

“I’ll get him.” Henry said.

“Please be careful.” Granny said.

Henry wasn’t listening because he was climbing. Getting up there was easy. It was the return journey with a wailing sharp, clawed cat that was difficult.

One minute he was climbing and the next he was lying on the ground, in a heap with the cat scampering away. Henry couldn’t move. Oddly enough his first thought was, Typical it only happened after I gave up. Then the pain arrived,  “Ouch! Help Granny.”

Before he knew it he was in hospital with a large plaster on his head and his broken leg in a huge ugly boot.

Chapter 7


Henry was bored after a few hours of lying still. The doctors would not let him go home until they were sure he had not damaged his head. “It doesn’t matter,” he said.

“It does, we have been told how bright you are,” the nurse said as she left some books on his bed. “These are from the doctors they said you might enjoy discovering what they were talking about when they looked at your x-rays.”

Great, books or comic books about super hero’s and space adventures, he thought. He picked up the first one. “The Human Skeleton.” It was a schoolbook for doctors. Henry looked at the pile they were all school books.

“Ahh no. I can’t read any more school books,” he groaned.”However, more importantly I won’t break any bone ever again. I will miss soccer.”

For the next few hours Henry tried to pretend he didn’t like books, teachers or school. But he became bored with no one to talk to and there was a bunch of books sitting beside him. Finally he accepted the fact he needed to see what was between the covers of the books. Picking up the first book he said aloud, “Well there is always plan B.”

(There was never a plan A. What he meant was he could always learn to keep quiet.)

But being Henry, he read it, aloud!

So in time Henry had to create plan C;

Learning how to enjoy being the brainiest kid in school!

Book Launched

Happy New Year to everyone.

I am sorry for not being around much in the past few months. A sticky internet problem left me without a means to post on my blog site. That and the happy fact of launching my first Children’s book has kept me off this site for a while.

Here is an image of the book, which is available on and on website.



What is the story about?

Clearie, a one hundred year old schoolhouse, is fed up.

For so long he has helped children get educated but been rewarded only by their complaints about how much they hate school.

He longs to get away

His dream is to go to France, a country he has heard so much about in geography lessons over the years – but how could a schoolhouse possibly travel?

He comes up with a plan and enlists the help of the the Buggy twins: but not everything works out as he hoped.

With an attic full of crazy crabs, led by the fearless Lancelot, his journey is less than enjoyable and in his absence the school system falls apart.

Will Clearie’s dreams come true and the children get their wish for schooldays to end forever? Or has everyone bitten off more than they can chew?