Lovisma hears more from Connie.

Lovisma discovered she was waiting and hoping for another letter to arrive from Connie. The very next day she received another toe tapping letter. The instruction was as before when she said, shredded sheep four times, a hologram appeared in front of her.


Connie stared at a poster in the bakers shop. Computer Sale. Knockdown prices. Sale starts Friday 20th March at six o clock.

She thought today might be Friday.  She asked the elderly gentleman behind her. “Excuse me, what day is it?” He didn’t answer. Must be deaf, she decided shouting as loudly as she could.

The people in the bus queue outside the door heard her. “Friday the twentieth,” they roared causing the shop window to vibrate and the gent’s hat to spin on his head.

“No need to shout, thanks.” Connie said as she paid for her meringues. Back home she had two pink meringues, then a chunky ham sandwich washed down with a large mug of strawberry tea.

“I’m going to be the first computerized witch in the neighbourhood!” she whispered wondering how to get to the shop, by broomstick, bus or magic?

Travelling by broomstick was cold, windy, often wet and always lonely so Connie preferred being driven by a friendly bus driver. She had discovered that the passengers on the bus usually sat staring straight ahead looking bored. They never wanted to talk.

To make things interesting she kept busy by tying people’s shoe laces together or switching shopping bags or briefcases. Once she swapped children. That was big trouble,  Connie shuddered as she remembered the noise of mothers shouting and children crying.

“Shopping time.” She said and off she went to the bus stop.


The video went ‘pop’ and Lovisma decided the quickest way to find out the whole story might be to pay Connie a visit. “Yes that is what I will do,” she said and went off to pack her bag.