Breeze receives a map with a worrying note.

Breeze never gets a letter. When a letter was dropped into his lap while he was asleep  it surprised him so much he fell out of the tree. He landed on a pile of soft leaves with a gentle thump. He lay there blinking wondering what had happened then a large flag landed on his head.

“Ouch. I didn’t order a hat or a flag” he mumbled lifting it from his head. He sat up and examined the flag. “You are not a flag. You are a map.” He grinned but there was no one around to grin at so he rolled the map up and ambled off to Tulip’s house.

“Look what I got Tulip it is a map.” He peered in the window at her.

Tulip was putting the finishing touches to a pixie’s birthday cake. The icing was tricky. It was purple with pink spots on it. The pink spots were misbehaving. They kept sliding off the cake.

“Let me help.” Breeze offered and caught a row of spots before they slid to the floor.

She scowled at him. “I’d best finish it later.”

“No please don’t stop because I am here.” He smiled.

“If I don’t stop trying there will be no icing left as you will keep eating it.” She walked out of her kitchen and sat on a swing on her decking.

“What is it a map of?” Tulip scrunched up her eyes against the morning sun.

Breeze stood in front of her and he blocked out the sun. “Here, look, what do you think?”


Elegants Map

Tulip looked at it and smiled.  “It is a good map. Did you read the note?”

“What note?”

“The one that says this is Elegant’s rough map of Mudpile, her finished one will follow tomorrow but Lovisma thinks hers will be much better. It is going to be a competition.”

Breeze groaned. “That means a witch fight. Perhaps I should go on holiday.” He rolled the map up and headed home with a large chunk of icing in hand.