If I was asked what my dream occupation would be, no matter what my age, I would always have said and still say, a writer or an artist.  Art was not a subject available to me at school so I continued to dream. With young children at my feet and the need to work I didn’t have time until I hit the big 40.  I completed a writing tuition course, and from then on I haven’t stopped writing.

My achievements as a writer are few, I have been published in women’s magazines, a book of short stories and at Christmas 2013 in the Magazine, “The Holly Bough”.

Among my writing achievements I would list, completing the nanowrimo challenge of writing over 50,000 words during the month of November. I have completed this task three times  in the last three years and one of my adult books is due to be released shortly.

My greatest achievement is quite simply: I have been married for thirty years and have two children.  Though I grew up in Dublin City, I have lived for most of my life in County Meath. My days are filled with writing, coaching athletics, and volunteering with various groups.

I hope that everyone who reaches this world  enjoys it.

Maria Mathews (book author)




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  1. Hello to Maria and Doris both 🙂

    Just wanted to say how much I’ve enjoyed looking at the graphics and reading what’s been posted here.
    I’ll be visiting much more often.


  2. Sounds wonderful and enchanting, Maria. I noticed you on Twitter and thought I’d drop by. Is your story on Amazon? If so, do you have it on Kindle or CreateSpace or both? My novella is on Kindle Select and next week I’m doing a count down deal. It’s something to think about for your books.

    Blessings for success,


    • Hi Marianne I am glad we connected on Twitter. I am familiar with your blog page and follow it with interest. I have a copy of the Christmas Pin Society and will get to read it in the next few weeks. Are you looking for reviews? Can I post one on Goodreads as well for you? Please let me know if it is something you wish me to do. I have tried a count down deal with my adults book, Moving On and hopefully sales will take off.


  3. Hi Maria.. we lived in Beabeg outside of Droheda and walked our Collie along Bettystown beach.. Our family are in Skerries and in and around Dublin and we are heading back to my husband’s home town, Waterford when we eventually sell our house here in Madrid.. I am hoping to bring back a few extra days of sunshine to bolster the Irish summer!!

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    • The world is a small place isn’t it. We are living in Meath, close to Ashbourne, I tend to walk the dogs either at Laytown end or over in Mornington as it is a quieter section and Bob can potter about looking and sitting as he sees fit. Trouble is the weather has been bad lately and we haven’t ventured over there in a few months but we will. I hope you do bring a few extra weeks of sunshine back with you.

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      • Sam went to Mornington to stay with a foster mum when I was back and forth here every few weeks for long weekends and I have loads of photos of his walks. I remember the weather.. my kitchen used to look like a fishing trawler with three sets of wet gear drying out! Will do my best with the sunshine and good to connect.


  4. I love that you started writing at age 40. I just celebrated that milestone; it also encouraged me to start writing again. This is a great blog — I look forward to reading your books to my children. 🙂

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  5. You are so very talented! I don’t know if you’ve received this nomination yet, but I’m nominating you for the Versatile Blogger Award.The post goes up tomorrow and I’m linking to your blog! Congrats! ❤

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