An Ogre’s view.

Regarding his expedition (that fuzzy-brained dog Bob, I mean), he stands no chance of finding me.

For a start, he can’t climb. And his sidekick is too busy chasing balls. But…. I’ve been thinking…


nature orange butterfly silver bordered fritillary

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Maybe I will have some fun and turn this into a treasure trail by sending some clues and a map to him. But not all at once. Perhaps the butterflies can deliver it, very slowly.


An Ogre with a View: That Silly Dog with a Blog

That dog is silly.

I have a friend, who flies high, I call him Krafty but,  Kestrals don’t have a sense of humour so, please do not say it out loud.

He tells me that Bob, is hunting me or is it my Cakes? You never can tell with that dog.

He will be a long time as I am hiding high in my second favourite tree.  He is waiting at the wrong one.

breeze tree 2

It might not be my favourite but it is comfortable and he won’t look up here.



Bob’s Diary: Rumor has it….

Oh no Bob knows about the blog help!


Bob: I’ve called a meeting because I’ve heard a rumour…

1st pic meeting

Ellie:  Seriously? What’s a meeting? What’s a rumor?

pay attentionBob: Just listen. We have a problem. The fact is I’m told the Ogre has a blog.

 Ellie: Good for him. He will be busy.

Bob: Exactly so we can find him and get a refill of fairy cakes.

meeting called

“Good luck with that one.”

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Bob’s Diary: New Quest – Catching an Ogre

Catching an Ogre


How to catch a scheming Ogre.

1.    Promise him the sun, moon and stars

2.     Don’t give him a straight answer just imply you will do everything he requests.

3.      Never mention money,

4.       Always smile and sympathise – even if you think he is the world’s best twat.

5.        Minions  (mine is called Ellie) come in handy for not only carrying out soon to be forgotten promises but also for taking the blame.

ellie and bob 007

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